Riedel Ultra Decanter

riedel ultra decanter

Price: £211.82


• Elegant and well balanced decanter
• Made by leading glassware company, Riedel
• Finest 24% lead crystal
• Capacity of 1.23L




The striking design of the riedel ultra decanter allows maximum breathing space for your wine.  Riedel are revered throughout the wine-making (and wine-consuming) world for their innovative designs.  The quality of their craftmanship is evident in this classic crystal decanter which can serve as a centre-piece to a well presented table.

This wine decanter, as with most Riedel decanters is not grape specific, it brings benefits to each and every wine decanted into it.  The design of the decanter means that the full colour of a wine can be appreciated through its fine crystal glass.  When used as a red wine decanter this is even more evident, the full depth of colour is displayed.

Another classic from Riedel.

See the Riedel Amadeo Decanter, commissioned to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Riedel.

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