Strachan Decanter Gift Set with Whisky Tumblers


Price: £171


• Handcut Lead Crystal
• Traditional Design
• Presented in lined gift boxes
• Capacity 0.75L
• Height of 23cm



This immaculately presented gift set comes with a mahogany veneered tray inlayed with a deep red baize and faux brass handles. The traditional design of the crystal glass decanter adds a touch of theatre to any occasion.

Decanting the contents of a favourite bottle of whisky into such an elegant decanter always adds to the anticipation and enjoyment of a favourite liquor.

The four tumblers are of a matching design.  Cut crystal glasses such as these have long been popular with discerning folk partial to a fine blended whisky. Since the 19th century people have been using such tumblers to enhance their enjoyment of aged whiskys.

Nowadays, their design makes them perfect for enjoying whisky on the rocks, perhaps with a dash of soda, or with a measure of water for the more traditionally inclined.

This style of glass is now so iconic that any glassware similar in design is referred to as a whisky tumbler.  A great gift for lovers of whisky, or if you’re the whisky lover, indulge yourself today with this fantastic whisky decanter gift set.

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